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Biggest Loser – Actualizing the Dream

As I sat in my living room with my family watching season 11 Biggest Loser Finale I visualized how powerful it would be to be in the audience. I reflected on the amazing transformation of the contestants and their inspiring stories that help me to encourage my clients as they experiance their own weightloss process. You see, I have been a huge follower of the Biggest Loser from their very first broadcast. The show has opened up society to the discussion of America’s obesity issue, which is at a 33.8 rate in adults, 17% in children. Many people do not understand obesity and have uneducated opinions of an obese or unhealthy person. Jillian Michaels is a big role model to me. I am driven to continue building my platform through Fat2Fit in Clark County to fight obesity. I can just imagine my self sitting in the audience of the Biggest Loser season finale and feeling the energy of the crowd. Seeing the transformation of the contestants, hearing Alison Sweeney announce the Biggest Loser, and then feeling the confedee fall. What an amazing experiance it would be… and then came the phone call.
On December 12th (season 12) I was sitting in the 3 row from the front of the stage with the trainers to my right. The music band, “Train” had played the theme song live. We were being televised and the show was narrowing down to the final 3 contestants before final Biggest Loser was announce when all of a sudden, I realized that I had imagined myself here just a season ago. At that moment I was in total awwe of how this had even happened! The crowd was full of energy and anticipation as it was time for Alison Sweety to announce the winner. It felt like time had stopped. I took that time to just take it all in.  Everyone around was smiling and feeling the inspiration in the room. Then Alison announced “John Rhodes” as winner of the The Biggest Loser and the confedee began to fly. There are so many things that I took from this experience such as having the power to dream and have that come true, as well as taking the time to cherish these unbeliveable moments. I was so truly blessed to experience this inspirational moment. The networking and support wrapped around the visit to Los Angeles has also opened up amazing doors for our Fat2Fit organization and I can’t wait to have an even larger impact on tackling obesity in our community!  When I watch this year’s season finale I won’t be fantasizing of what it would be like… my family and I will be pointing out shots of me in the audience instead!

Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney at the Biggest Loser After Party

What Motivates You?

I ask this question daily.  You would be surprised by the answers I have been given. Of course there: Look better, be attractive to opposite sex, be healthy. But, really what motivates you?

A women just lost 135lbs to be able to donate her kidney to save her brother’s life.  He brother had to be on dialysis 3 times a week.  When she first approached the doctor.  She was told she was too over weight to even be tested as a donor.

Now they are scheduled for surgery. She maybe saving “his” life but, truly there were two lives saved.   What does it take to motivate you?


My conversation with Jillian

Jillian Michaels and I discuss the loaded question – what is the impact of emotional baggage on weight loss?

Child Obesity

I saw something today that I just had to share with you because it was really weighed on my heart…
I was leaving Target today there was a mother and daughter leaving as well. I think the daughter was maybe 5 or 6. She was walking next to her mom eating a pretzil from the cafe. As I was taking in the picture of the mother and daughter walking, I realized that the little girl was already what we would consider obese. She was walking very slow as she was crossing the parking lot. She had kanckles (calves and ankles that have no seperation from each other) and just looked unhealthy.
This really broke my heart and made me want to make a difference.


Why is it ok to be soooo rude to others? We just do not seem to have filters. From asking questions such as, “Should you be eating that?”, “Are you gaining weight?”, “Are you sure that size is gonna fit: would you like a bigger size?”, and “Are you pregnant (when clearly the person is not)?”. Lastly, why do we think if we use the words, “No offense,”… then it erases the rude statement? Such as… “No offense but you are fatter then you think.”
The more I think about this question about rudeness, the more I think that it’s because we are desensitized to how powerful our words really are to those around us. A simple statement that we may make without thinking could ruin someone’s day. Every example of rudeness I mentioned I have had at least 1 or more clients mention to me and expresss how it made them feel.And that is just plain rude!

Cheeseburger Bill

Have you heard about the “Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act” that congress passed in 2005? Nicknamed the “Cheeseburger bill”, what it does is prevents consumers from suing fast food restaurants or other food companies for their weight issues. Because of this Act you can no longer sue a retailer or producer of food for weight problems, obesity or health issues caused by eating too many fatty foods or sugary drinks such as soda. The sponsor, Republican Rep. Dean Urdahl of Grove City, MN says the bill would prevent frivolous lawsuits.

As I was reading this article regarding the “Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act” I asked myself, “What are we thinking?” I know America has a high obesity rate but do we really need to go this far? Maybe we need to take some responsibility for our own actions. It is very easy to blame someone else for our shortcomings but really… who is responsible? It’s obvious to me. We have total control of what we consume!! It’s all a matter of the choices we make everyday. Good healthy choices or bad choices!! You choose which foods you order or request at any of these fast food restaurants or other food companies. There is no one telling you what you should eat or how much you should consume. We do not sue the alcohol companies due to a drunk driver accident.

So, what is the next step? Another act designed to protect companies from how much we consume? How do we enforce something like that? Does the person that sells the food get to decide when to cut the customer off based on how many calories they’ve ordered? How do they decide how much you should intake? What gives them the right to decide? Only you and your doctor know about your health status. So, with these questions maybe we should just outlaw these restaurants or other food companies?

Wikipedia description of the Act:


Republican Dean Urdahl (Minnesota passing act – video of his speech)

Fat to Fit’s Promo Video

What smoking Does to Your Body

As a smoker, you’re at risk for cancer of the mouth. Tobacco smoke can also cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. The teeth become unsightly and yellow. Smokers may experience frequent headaches. And lack of oxygen and narrowed blood vessels to the brain can lead to strokes.

How smoking affects the lungs:

Moving down to your chest, smoke passes through the bronchi, or breathing tubes. Hydrogen cyanide and other chemicals in the smoke attack the lining of the bronchi, inflaming them and causing that chronic smoker’s cough. Because the bronchi are weakened, you’re more likely to get bronchial infections. Mucus secretion in your lungs is impaired, also leading to chronic coughing. Smokers are 10 times as likely to get lung cancer and emphysema as nonsmokers.

Smoking and the Heart

The effects of smoking on your heart are devastating. Nicotine raises blood pressure and makes the blood clot more easily. Carbon monoxide robs the blood of oxygen and leads to the development of cholesterol deposits on the artery walls. All of these effects add up to an increased risk of heart attack. In addition, the poor circulation resulting from cholesterol deposits can cause strokes, loss of circulation in fingers and toes and impotence.

Smoking and the Body’s Organs

The digestive system is also affected. The tars in smoke can trigger cancer of the esophagus and throat. Smoking causes increased stomach acid secretion, leading to heartburn and ulcers. Smokers have higher rates of deadly pancreatic cancer. Many of the carcinogens from cigarettes are excreted in the urine where their presence can cause bladder cancer, which is often fatal. High blood pressure from smoking can damage the kidneys.

The Results

The health effects of smoking have results we can measure. Forty percent of men who are heavy smokers will die before they reach retirement age, as compared to only 18 percent of nonsmokers. Women who smoke face an increased risk of cervical cancer, and pregnant women who smoke take a chance with the health of their unborn babies.

But the good news is that when you quit smoking your body begins to repair itself. Ten years after you quit, your body has repaired most of the damage smoking caused. Those who wait until cancer or emphysema has set in aren’t so lucky—these conditions are usually fatal. It’s one more reason to take the big step and quit now.